The Business of Headshots

I recently finished an annual job for a local high school.  This was my fifteenth consecutive year photographing students for their Drama program.  This year’s students were roughly two or three years old when we started this at their high school.  Their instructor (a former headshot client of mine) instructs them on how to prepare for getting an “actor headshot” the day prior.  The first year we  did it there were approximately twenty students that participated. We grabbed them all in one afternoon immediately after school on campus.  Over the last five years we’ve had to break it up into two days with the numbers reaching over forty.  We also moved it inside the lobby of their new performing art center. The student’s energy ranges from nervous to apathetic and some of them are just downright naturals. Our three to five minute sessions keep me on my toes but somehow we always manage to get that useable shot for the program.  

When I started making my living as a photographer the bulk of my earnings came from actors and the headshot industry.  Like many, I started out in a garage using natural light.  My patience and ability with “green” actors helped me when doing this for high school students and also carries over to business headshots as well.

Most corporate clients don’t update their photos as often as an actor might.  This leads to clients that are also fairly “green” to being in front of the camera.  My skills with inexperienced actors also carries over into this arena.  Once we have the lights set it’s all about what we can do with the subject.  A quick review on the back of the camera after the first couple shots helps but once we really get going I find it best to not break up the flow of the session.

Since my move to Ventura County my headshot work is now primarily for business professionals.  I can now come to you. I have packages on my pricing page and am always willing to speak to you about a specific headshot you’re looking to get. 

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to updating you on my trip to Vegas and capturing the Results Summit for


Welcome to my new website.

I thought I would start my first blog post with an image of my first camera. This is the Pentax K1000.  Yes, it was film and yes for six years I processed and printed my own black and white images.  I’ve been shooting for nearly thirty years and professionally for the last fifteen.  As I write this the site has been up for less than a week and I am still continuing to polish things up and look for any errors so if you notice anything “off” please let me know.

This site, is hub for clients to view their proofs, a portfolio of past work, links to my social media accounts and a blog for updates on what’s happening with the business and to share stories about current and upcoming projects.  

Whether I’m on a job or running around town I always have a camera with me and hope you’ll stop by to see what’s new.

Thank you for peeking in and I look forward to hearing from or working with you.