Walk For Kids RMHC 2019

  I’ve been fortunate to work a variety of events for Non-Profits (March Of Dimes, The
Help Group Arthritis Foundation…).  Recently I was called upon by a long term client and event planner to photograph the WALK FOR KIDS in Ventura CA for Ronald Mc Donald House Charities.  RMH is raising money and constructing an all new family room for Ventura County Medical Center that looks to be a beautiful space for parents to relax while staying near their loved ones during and after
visiting hours.

Arriving before the sun can be a challenge but during the month of April Ventura County
didn’t disappoint and gave us a gorgeous day.

Children’s charities always bring out the families of good Samaritans along with past and
current recipients of the charity.  A mix of kids and fun activities makes for some great opportunities as a photographer.

These types of events are always a joy to work and hope my contacts keep me on their
call list for their future events.


Walk For Kids 2019 Ventura CA

McDonald House Charities